Current Projects | Examples of Completed Projects

Current Projects:

Computational Social Science
Establishing a Templeton LSST Early-Career Research Fellowship, 2022-2026

This project designs and implements an innovative, cross-disciplinary fellowship that will support early-career researchers to study social aspects of the Vera C. Rubin Observatory’s Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST)...[Learn More]

Funder: The John Templeton Foundation

Geospatial Variability of Illicit Opioid Use and Disparities in Treatment Resources, 2022-2024

This collaborative study aims to lay the groundwork for developing a computational approach to detecting and preventing illicit opioid use and relevant outcomes

Funder: CHAD (Center on Health, Aging, and Disability) pilot grant, UIUC

Impact Assessment
Impact of science on society
  • Assessing Impact Patterns in Research Texts Applying Corpus Driven Methods, 2020-2023
  • Corpus-based Detection of Secondary Use of Scientific Publications, 2017-2019
This collaborative project uses natural language processing and machine learning to identify secondary practical uses of research findings from final reports of grant funded work, we identify practically relevant patterns from text data and detect transferable knowledge (from basic research to applications) in selected domains...[Learn More]
Impact of funding on society
Conservation Legacies: Understanding the Long-term Impacts of Private Foundation Investment in International Biodiversity Conservation, 2019-2023
This multi-institutional project traces key outcomes of the long-term impacts of MacArthur Foundation's global conservation investments. We will focus on comparing impacts based on analyzing text documents versus grantees' interviews...[Learn More]
Adversarial Learning
  • Design and prevention of metric-based adversarial attacks on social network data
Network Theory
  • Multilevel structural evaluation of signed and directed graphs
  • New method and computational analysis of transitivity in balance assessment
Social Science Theory
  • Cross-cutting exposure validation on contemporary data and interactions, joint work with Cline Center for Advances Social Research
Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, Ethics
  • Gender biases in public reporting, in collaboration with Cline Center for Advances Social Research
Data Compliance and Governance
  • Developing organizational expertise and resources to support the responsible conduct of research with human generated and publicly available data